Time for me to get back onto a regular-ish posting schedule. Over the past few years of blogging, I really got into the swing of things and was pretty regular about my updates. Lately though, I really have gotten away from regular anythings. I dont have a very set schedule when it comes to work but that isnt even a good excuse because I DO have a rough schedule. Either way, before the new year, I have decided to make a new, bloggy resolution: Updates every 2 days. Its the least that I can do πŸ™‚ especially with all the things that I am working on lately!

On that note, here is my knitting update: Lots.
Thats right, lots. I have 3 pairs of socks (one of Mum, one random pair and one for me), 1 baby blanket (for Janyne and Johns soon to be), 1 stranded sweater (Dale of Norway – Vail for myself), 1 hat (stranded, of course!) and thats just whats on the needles at the moment. I have Lisa Souzas’ Lime and Violet roving in the midst of being spun and I am just loving it still. I am hoping to post with pictures of everything in the next post…everything except for the baby blanket, because that is the surprise for J and J πŸ™‚