While most people have good excuses why they havent posted in a while, mine is going to be the most generic, “I have been busy”.  Which is more or less true so it will suffice 🙂  Work has been normal busy and last week I was lucky enough to not to be on call but this week, I will not be so lucky.  BUT….it all leads up to Saturday and my travel home to Michigan to see my Mum and sister and brother-in-law.

I HAVE been busy though.  I finished spinning the local Shetland roving for a friends brothers boyfriends’ Christmas present and I am so please with it.  Its a beautiful laceweight single and is 640yds from just shy of 4 oz.  It was a joy to work with and I cant wait to get some more!  Since it was a gift for him on commission, I had to put the Lime ‘n Violet roving on hold for a while but now that its done, I am happy to be back to spinning the beautiful and silky Lisa Souza superwash roving.  This Shetland was a different spinning experiance for me because of the hand of the roving and the way the fibers gripped each other.  It was fun to let the fiber do the work.

I also started and finished a Calorimetry and I just LOVE it.  I used Mirasol Sulka (Ravelry Link) and this stuff is just beautiful.  Its 60% Merino, 20% Alpaca and 20% Silk and WOW!  Its no wonder that I was almost going to knit a sweater from this stuff.  So soft and beautiful, its a loosely spun yarn but holds its shape and isnt easily split.  The colourway that I chose is a deep wine that matches my jacket.  While the pattern calls for a worsted weight yarn, I used a bulky and therefore had to change the stitch count.  Instead of 120, I only needed 98 and could have even dropped down 94 and been just fine.  I came home at 5 and was done before 9 and was wearing it that evening for Sisus’ last potty break.

Also being started is a baby blanket for Janynes’ soon to come addition.  The baby isnt due until July but I know that its like in the UP and there will be a need for blanket soon enough!  Its superwash wool, alpaca and nylon and I am using the new Imagination (Rav) yarn from KnitPicks and, I will completely admit to buying them all.  Well, its because the baby could be either gender!  I wanted to be as neutral as possible but not boring with pale greens and yellows.  This way, by using all the Imagination colours, its a full fairy story and every fairy story all in one wonderful, beautiful blanket.  I wont post pictures of it, even of the pattern or yarns, because I dont want to ruin the surprise for Janyne, John and the new baby!  If you want to see the yarns, go to the KnitPicks page and look them up yourself.

Vail is still in the works and I think that I will get a lot of knitting done on it over Christmas break, if anything its because I will have more time to work on it!  I was getting a little lost over the pattern but I just got a chart holder that should make this following-the-right-pattern-line-so-I-dont-knit-the-wrong-row stuff easier.  We shall see.