There was a time when I loved Halloween.  I think I was in 6th grade (10-11 years old for me) when I started not wanting to dress up and thinking that it was much too ‘little kid-ish” for me…probably because I was teased by some mean boy in school.  This year, I have been with a group of someones who LOVE Halloween and know how to make it smart.  Because of them, I rediscovered my dress-up sisu and we had such a fun time!  I cant wait to show you all our costumes, but for right now, because the pictures are all on Sams camera, you will have to make due with Sisu’s momentary costume.

She hated every moment of it and it only lasted .5 seconds.  See her tail?  Well, no, you can’t.  Its because she was so depressed and mortified that I would dress her, she dropped her tail and froze in place.  This motion usually comes with the dropping of her head in shame.  This time was no different and only because I just put on the mask, held her head still and snapped the picture just barely after pulling away my hand, is why it is up at the moment.  I quickly took everything off and gave her praise and a treat.  She was much happier afterwards and I dont blame her.  But it is a great picture.