So there are a couple of things that I need to up date you all with.

#1 are some recent acquisitions of mine:

Lime and Violet Roving by Lisa Souza  I split the first 4oz bundle into half and here it is spun up.  I had all intentions to spin it a bit thicker than my last roving (which is very lightweight fingeringweight even 2 plied) but I don’t think that it has worked that way!  Also from Lisa Souza is this beautiful Lake Superior roving. I had fun at the Loopy Ewe too:

Some BEAUTIFUL Lornas Laces

Some Enchanted Knoll Farms 

Local to Anchorage is my ‘collection’ of Felted Sheep.  Sent to me recently from my friend Susan was over 40oz of this beautiful Coopworth wool. I LOVE this stuff.  It is a dream to spin with and I really have so much, (I have at least 18oz still in Pelican) I think that I could even spin enough for a sweater.

On my wheel I am working on a perfect 4oz of Shetland Wool grown, shorn and now spun here in Alaska.  Recently, I was surfing Etsy for pretty, useful things and I came across this beautiful, very appropriate orifice hook.  And I have to admit, I so completely hate calling it that.  I agree with the Harlot on this one…cant we spinners think of a better, less vulgar name for it?

In between the spinning, I am madly knitting on my Vail sweater which I am still in love with.  Here is my most recent picture of it, just before I start the stranding!  I have to start the stranding tomorrow…and I think that I have to find my sisu first!

A non-fiber aquisition was something that was completely necessary but something that also had an amazing cute factor that totally sealed the deal.  I have been walking Sisu at the dog park in my old, ratty tennies but with the snow and the cold, I knew that boots were going to have to be a purchase in the near future.  Lucis’ mom, Sam, told me that she had seen some very cute North Face boots at Nordstroms the other day and we went to look on Friday.  While they didn’t have my size in the NF boots, I noticed these Merrils. And I fell in love.  They have a wide toe box, a mukluk look to them and they have a thermal lining that cant be beat.  As I turned them over to glance at the price tag, I saw the tred and the deal was sealed at that very moment.

Can you blame me at all?  Those penguins are so flipping cute and that random polar bear (yes, I am well aware that there are no Polar Bears living with penguins) just makes the entire boot cuter and so much more perfect for me.  When the sales guy mentioned that there was only a 9.5, I just about cried but agreed to try them on.  Lucky for me, when he went back to get them, he noticed that here was a randomly placed 10, in just the style that I wanted.  I put them on; they fit like a dream, even with heavier socks; my bank account was lightened and now, my toes are much warmer at the park.  Man, I cant wait for more snow!

The last thing that I want to show off is my “Hug” from my very good friend Jenni, of the BrightonWoman blog.  I used to be able to see Jenni and her family every day and we were dog walkies buddies as her girly-dog, Koira and my Sisu were very good doggie friends.  Since I have moved to Anchorage, we have of course talked less and less but still I think of her and her family there in Pelican.  When I was having a really hard time a few months ago, she sent me this baby blanket that she had started a while before my break-up because I had mentioned hoping and planning on starting a family soon and my love to all things hedgehog.  This is the perfect hug and is always on my bed and as I snuggle with it, I send out a prayer for her and her family, filled with the love of a friend and the thankfulness of knowing such a wonderful person.